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This FREE Online Introduction to Neuroscience course begins when we reach 100 students, so sign up fast and spread the word!

NEWS UPDATE: Due to popular demand we will keep the course open for new students to enroll until we reach 50% of students completing their profiles. NEW students please complete your profiles!

NEWS UPDATE: We are working with dotSUB to launch NeuroTranscribe (beta). Help us transcribe and translate our neuroscience videos and be recognized on our leader board.

Introduction to Neuroscience

Instructors: Don Cooper, Ph.D.

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This FREE online neuroscience course covers the basic foundation needed to understand the brain at the cellular and systems level. The course is organized in learning modules that focus on particular psychiatric (anxiety, depression, addiction) or neurological disorders (autism, Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers). Learning modules include a brief introduction to the topic and supporting videos and self assessments. Students will learn the systems that carry out basic sensory, motor, motivation, learning and memory functions. The course includes examples of computational modeling that show students realistic conductance-based neural simulations of classic experiments in neurophysiology in order to more fully understand concepts of neural communication and decision-making at the cellular level.



Each week new content will be available such as new videos, self-assessment questions, flashcards, reading assignments etc. Please check regularly for new content and flash extra credit opportunities. The Assignments link in the sidebar will give you your assignment for the week, the point value and the estimated time to complete the assignment. In addition to the Assignments, each week you will have a new Neuroethics discussion topic that requires you to post your opinion in the threaded discussion on CU Neuroscience Facebook. Please copy your post and paste it in your student journal (my journal) with the date and topic.

Visitors to course July 20-Aug 2


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