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3 free tools to spy on your competitor's Facebook ads

Many advertisers are looking for the holy grail that will unlock the secrets to lower Facebook ad expenditure, which is where these spy tools come in. You'd have an edge over your rivals who also use Facebook Ads Spy tool to obtain clients if you could figure out how to get the greatest price to pay.Having data on the most effective advertising helps you to learn what works best for others and apply it to yourself. Now, "best" is a relative term, as what works for one person may not work for another, and there are several variables at play. There are, however, best practices that determine an ad's effectiveness, such as the relevance of an ad's text copy customized to a certain audience.

Surveillance on the InternetBy finding out what others have done previously, conducting research ahead of time may help you save money and time. After that, you may either improve the process or avoid failing completely. You could even receive a few of ideas.With that in mind, here are some free ad spying tools from Facebook that you can use to better your advertisements.

1. "How come I'm seeing this?" ToolFacebook is concerned about your ad preferences because excellent advertising make you happy and encourage you to click on them, which is good for business.Facebook allows you to find out why you're being served a certain ad in order to keep you pleased. It's as simple as clicking on the downward triangle.A popup will appear with the reasons why an advertisement was shown to you. You'll be able to determine the precise topic, as well as the target age and region, by looking at this section.

You can opt out of viewing the ad or change your choices. You may, however, look at more of your competitor's adverts if you want to. Simply go to their Facebook page, interact with their advertisements, go to their website, download their app, and so on.

Once you've been monitored, Facebook is more likely to display you advertisements from your competitors.

2. Ad Library Tool on FacebookFacebook just launched an ad library tool to address its privacy concerns, but it can also be utilized as an ad intelligence tool for advertisers.Anyone may use this handy tool to look at the adverts that are now running on a page. You may also filter advertising based on their location.Despite the fact that you can't view sales data or download and filter advertisements based on interaction, it's still a quick and easy method to examine what a Facebook page is currently advertising.

3. Facebook Insights for AudiencesIt's critical to tailor your ad text and USP (unique selling point) to your target demographic if you want to be successful.Facebook encourages you to target their users as closely as possible with the quality score metric. It’s a metric that directly influences the cost of your ads so the more targeted your ads are, the less you’d pay for the same reach.

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