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WooCommerce Conversion Hack

Your ecommerce site is doing well but you want to do more. Or you are just seeing the influx of customers from your last SEO practice but no conversion. Let's face the ugly truth: your site is well designed and easy to navigate, you have on-site filter and categorization in place, it is user friendly, the traffic is impressive and your products are great. Despite all, you are still crawling to make sales. In all honesty, what you need is not some huge budget marketing, you need a conversion driving hacks that are simple and easy to implement; An automated sales generating techniques that will actively turn your traffic into conversions.This post contains some the overlooked ecommerce conversion hack that can incredibly skyrocket your sales and generate more business revenue. Read on…

Allow guest checkout optionYes, you want your visitors to sign and create account but you need to be careful. A lot of visitors find it frustrating when they can’t proceed to purchase without creating an account. Put yourself in their shoes, not everyone has the merry in the first time, and this leads to an upsurge in the level of cart abandonment. Fortunately, WooCommerce offers this flexibility, all need is just some clicks.

Offer multiple payment options Few payment option is another great issue faced by customers when they finally see they want to buy. The inability to get a payment option that suits them reduces conversion rate. With multiple payment option you are increasing the possibility and ease of purchase on your ecommerce platform. WooCommerce allow you to accept payment through credit card, debit cards, PayPal, stripe and more, so use them to your advantage.

Make it filterable

WooCommerce product filter is one of the highly converting WooCommerce hack, it boosts revenue and make the influx of traffic count. With it, visitors can narrow down their product search and seal the deal quickly. It is some sort of trust building tool because it tells customers you are trying your best to make everything easy for them. Stores with WooCommerce product filter witness a great traffic and conversion than others. click here to get WooCommerce Product Filter that will take your business to the nest level.

Make it mobile friendlyMaybe you don't know, 80 percent of online shopper do so on mobile phones. Optimizing your WooCommerce site for mobile is a great way of tapping into the massive 5.13 billion mobile shoppers in the world. Leverage a responsive WooCommerce theme for your store and you will be sure of conversion.

Leverage special event on holidaysEvents like cyber Monday, black Friday and similar sales events has witness tremendous sales activities for ecommerce store owner. Online shoppers love special event and with a creative campaign and exclusive deals you can cash in more during holidays and at the same time spread a good message about your store. Potential customers will be waiting next time it comes.

Incentives with free giftEverybody likes compensation especially when it comes with an achievement. Offering free gift is a great techniques used by prominent ecommerce store to increasing cart value. Also, it a way of generating more traffic.

Simplify your checkout formThe last page of the purchase process is the checkout page, try and keep it a simple and with fewer fields as possible. Too lengthy a page can make customers leave their cart without purchase. Let you customers input as minimal information as possible and quickly make their purchase.

Offer flash salesFlash sales is one of the highly converting WooCommerce hack, it boosts revenue and drive in more traffic. It is also a sort of urgency sales that showcase a ticking time with number if products that are available for sale within that time. You can use your social media channels to promote this flash share campaign and you will witness a great traffic and conversion because you are incentivizing people to buy.

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