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Besides coding, designing and other aspects of game development, effective management plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of software while adhering to the deadlines. Furthermore, an organized team also executes post-development tasks including bug fixing and modifications in a synchronized manner.

However, if you’re in a game development company, you might be aware that management is not a cakewalk. Whether you have to manage a team of two developers or two hundred professionals, you are going to need a project management tool.What is the need of a Project Management Tool?Although a game development company can build a product without a project management tool, the process becomes a little bit complicated. On the other hand, these tools allow you to organize the workflow and distribute the tasks in a systematic manner, which makes room for flexibility. Furthermore, it becomes a lot easier to track the assigned tasks for the manager as well as the development team, which bridges the communication gap.

Besides, a project management tool also keeps every individual of the team on the same page. They can easily check the workflow, access centralized data, receive automated invoices, and strategize their tasks accordingly. From a monetary perspective, you can save thousands of bucks and days of efforts by integrating a project management tool in the development cycle.3 Project Management Tools for Different NeedsLet us now have a look at some project management tools that will enhance your team’s productivity.AsanaAsana is a renowned tool amongst project managers of game development companies. You can use Asana’s innovative features such as stats and analysis, calendar view, attachments, etc. Furthermore, you also get to set unique templates for every section to segregate the tasks.

Asana is widely used because it is a team-centric tool which emphasizes accountability. You can access this tool on iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can use it for managing a team of 15 members or less for free. However, you need to pay a price of 9.99 AUD for every member if you want to avail the premium version. If your team is comfortable with ad-hoc features and visual scrum, then Asana is the perfect tool for your company.

The only downside is that Asana might hinder the efficiency if your team is limited to a small number of members.TrelloTrello is one of the most versatile project management tools used in almost every industry. You can access trello from your smartphones (iOS/Android) as well as PC, through its website or desktop application. Trello is very effective when it comes to task management, while maintaining complete transparency. The basic principle behind Trello is analogous to the conventional management tool of post-it notes.

You just have to assign the task to a team member via a card which contains a deadline, task description, attachments, links, as well as a dedicated comment section. It is a perfect management tool for game dev projects. If you want to organize tasks for a small sized team, Trello can be your go-to option.

However, the UI isn’t friendly for managing a large team and it becomes a tedious task to manage the members with a cluttered tool. HackNPlanUnlike the competitors, this PM tool is dedicated to game development. After finishing a task on the card, you can keep a track of the time required to complete it. This is a very handy feature which can be used to further plan the process.

Besides providing a default documentation for game design, HackNPlan also provides scrutinized insights that track the efficiency of the ongoing project. This tool is best for a project that requires lesser development sprints.

However, HackNPlan might not suit your needs if you want extremely fast server connection or if you’re running on a short budget. In all the other cases, this tool might efficiently serve your company’s requirements.Summing UpGame development is a complex and a very long process which can span over years. It requires a lot of time, and human and financial resources. You can minimize these by adopting a perfect project management tool in your workflow.

Afterall, every game dev company wants to stay ahead of their counterparts when it comes to consistent releases. A project management tool is the most feasible method to achieve it.

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