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June 8, 2021

Types of brochure

All brochures by subject matter can be divided into:

Information brochures. This can include social advertising materials, medical or environmental brochures.
Advertising brochures. Promote a product or service, such as a tourist brochure or a narrower topic hotel brochure.
Business information brochures. This can be a business brochure or a corporate brochure that provides information about a specific company, such as a construction company brochure.
Information brochures in social advertising
Today, so-called environmental brochures are widespread. They are a type of social advertising: the brochures may contain articles on the prevention of forest fires, energy, heat and water conservation.

Information brochures are most often ordered by certain government agencies and contain socially useful information. For example, the Ministry of Health and Social Development distributes medical brochures on the dangers of smoking, the consequences of alcoholism, the prevention of diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and how to provide first aid. The Fire Safety Service and the traffic police order brochures on fire safety and road safety.

Advertising and advertising-business brochures
It must be said that each type of brochure is an advertising and multifaceted tool, which is created for specific purposes and is designed for a particular target audience. For example, brochures with a description of the product or services are distributed among partners, dealers or customers of the company (a typical example is a brochure of a construction company with pictures of completed projects and floor plans of buildings). In this case, it is necessary to pay more attention to the images and comments to them.

A corporate brochure is ideal as advertising material. Such printed products can be handed out to potential partners during business negotiations, presentations or promotions.

A brochure about the company, being a kind of business card, should contain the most complete information about the company, able to interest outsiders. That means it must be of very high quality, including the design and content it contains.

That is why, for example, for printing brochures of construction companies or other commercial enterprises, which use clear high-quality photos or images, choose expensive coated paper, and the design and layout are developed in the corporate style.

A tourist brochure is a typical advertising tool. It, like a more narrowly focused hotel brochure, must contain such photos and texts that the potential consumer of services wants to buy the product offered immediately.

Text or graphics?
Everyone understands that a tourist or hotel brochure must have bright and beautiful pictures, clearly demonstrating the services offered. But should business brochures be enriched with images, graphics and diagrams? Of course you should! Even the business text, which is designed for people who are well-informed in a particular area, should be provided with illustrations for clarity.

It is also a good idea to provide charts, graphs or diagrams, which will allow you to see the dynamics, facilitate the perception of information and accelerate its memorization.
As for the text, it should be interesting and fascinating. This applies not only to articles, but also to descriptions or comments to photos or images. Especially if you need brochures as advertising for a product, service or company.

Brochure is good, but there is another type of printing products that will help you in your business. This is an event template flyer free that you can use for any event
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