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November 1, 2021

What is the amount of tax for watching TV in European countries.

Every family in European countries is obliged to pay a tax for the right to watch television. This is a "tax for democracy": a taxpayer-funded television will provide independent information to the people. The amount of tax and penalties for non-payment vary from country to country.

The most ruthless is a tax in Germany where all households must pay. The amount of tax is 215,76 euros per year. It is useless to prove that you do not have a TV set and do not watch TV. The same system of total payment was introduced in Switzerland in 1918. The amount of tax is 385 Euro per year. It is even simpler in Finland where the tax is taken from all inhabitants over 18 years old at the rate of 0,68% of the income.

For whistleblowing to the neighbors (reporting a violation of the law) is a bonus.
The most severe penalties for non-payment of the TV tax in the UK. The amount of tax is 215,76 Euros per year. Here you can still realistically prove that you do not watch TV and do not pay tax. Proof must be provided annually. Extraordinary proof must be provided if there is a complaint from the inspector or from the neighbors. About 150,000 "TV tax evaders" are identified each year.

If you evade the TV tax, you will be fined up to 1000 euros. If you don't pay the fine on time, you go to jail. Up to 50 people are jailed every year for evading the TV tax.

If you have a black and white TV set then the TV tax is 52 euros which is why about 5 thousand of Britons still watch black and white TV sets.

The high taxes in the European countries are compensated by a loyal punitive system. If you said that you do not have a TV set they will believe you. If you bought a new TV they will believe you.

In Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, as well as in Russia there is no tax on television, but the state subsidizes TV channels.

The overview of other types of taxes allows you to decide which country you like more and where you want to live.
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