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December 4, 2021

Parties and Ways to Invite

The American world is rich with parties to have fun at, so most likely there will be only chips, guacamole with salsa and crackers on the tables.

To get the best out of your party, it's a good idea to bring your own alcohol, wine, or a drink box. Everyone brings what they want to eat at the event. If the party is thrown by children, they drink juice.

American wedding traditions and upcoming customs call for a Bridal shower. Literally it translates as "a shower for the bride" of gifts presented by family, relatives and friends.

Pregnancy celebrations are held in a special way. Going to throw a party in English, you should know that it is held "in three acts:

Pregnancy reveal party in honor of the discovery of the fact of pregnancy itself;
A baby shower party is held in the last months;
The Gender reveal party is held to intrigue guests about the sex of the baby.
It is worth mentioning that American traditions, contrary to the Russian ones, welcome presenting mums-to-be with baby clothes, sex planning, as well as choosing a name and everything that superstitious Russian women prefer not to do beforehand. Such a formation of entertainment principles is due to the fact that Americans are very positive people and it is not customary for them to be sad.

English-language party dioramas
An American-style party is unthinkable without its food and informal dress code. Some events involve special costumes. For example, school balls or masquerades, corporate parties. In other cases, the style of dress is determined by the venue and the hosts themselves.

American traditions and holidays mean that you should rejoice as much as possible. Moving house, getting a new job, finally finishing your fence and guessing the sex of your unborn child are all good reasons to celebrate, along with Christmas and International Women's Day. Invitations for such holidays can be such as christmas flyer templates So don't be surprised if you're invited to participate in a foam party to celebrate the name for the new dog - Americans are a lot of fun! Just practice your speech and stock up on a few useful phrases so you're sure to blend in.
Posted by      Ted Novack at 9:13 PM AEST
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