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May 13, 2021

Tips for those who want to fix their own cars

1. Buy yourself a very old car
The best way to learn how to repair cars is to study their structure. Especially if you are young and don't have extra money to repair your car. Ideal.

Many excellent craftsmen didn't know how to change oil or plugs until they were in their twenties. But then they would buy a car that was older than themselves and start rebuilding it, thus learning the art.

Ask your friends, your father, your grandfather for advice. Learn the basics. Change oil, plugs, air filters, look through technical documentation and everything will go like clockwork. A rust bucket will help you fall in love with cars and understand how to take care of them.

2. Buy a set of tools
You can't unscrew nuts by hand, especially if they've been rusted for ten years. Go to the store and splurge on a good set of tools.

If you don't have any money at all, you can go to FixPrice and see something there, but don't count on the long life of such tools. I recommend investing 3-4 thousand right away and buying a good, branded set.

3. Buy a repair manual

Very useful stuff. A step-by-step repair manual for your car will help you sort out any problem. They are not expensive, and if you are ready to read from the screen, you can even download one for free like this on the Internet . Such books will save you a lot of time and effort.

4. Read books

Buy or download a few books on mechanics and electronics. After reading them, you'll have a much better understanding of how your car works. Once you figure it out, repairs will no longer be a problem for you.

5. Help your friends

Did a friend's car break down? Hurry up and help him. You'll gain invaluable experience and establish yourself. Besides, if you ever have something broken, your friend will come to your aid more willingly.
Posted by      Ted Novack at 6:37 AM AEST


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