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October 22, 2021

How to manage everything and not get tired

In order to invest your time and energy effectively, you must learn to distribute the load and shift your attention from one area to another according to which one is more important and relevant to you.

When planning your day, write down all current issues according to their importance and urgency, and assess which of them you can delegate, which you can postpone, and which you need to take up immediately. This will help you save time and effort. And one more important point: when you make a schedule for the day, be sure to leave free "windows" for unexpected tasks and allocate time for rest, lunch, a walk, sports. You can use notepads or planners. No one can do without them. It's just like a cook has to have recipes written down. Maybe it will be written on a scrap of paper or maybe on a nice template
This will help you manage everything without being overwhelmed.

Avoid time eaters.
There are several of the most common types of chronophages, or time sinks.
Interrupting events (phone calls, visits, emails or messenger messages that need to be urgently answered) can help you cope with them, firstly, by training your will, and secondly, by organizing your work clearly. Teach yourself not to be distracted by random stimuli, and continue to solve the task at hand. Turn off the sound on your phone, don't check your email, put a "I'm busy" sign on your desk.
Waste time (in line, in a meeting where you are required to attend by duty). Take your laptop with you to the places where you are present so you can work while you wait your turn.
To avoid wasting work time chatting with colleagues, friends or on social media, set aside a special time during the day for this.
In addition to all of the above, our time is stolen by the inability to clearly set tasks, ineffective planning of the day, lack of priorities and unrealistic assessment of our own capabilities. In other words, the main time saver is the inability to manage this time. Once you begin to practice the secrets of time management, you will find that 24 hours a day is enough for everything: to work, to rest, to solve current household problems and to move step by step to achieve your global life goals.
Posted by      Ted Novack at 8:02 PM AEST


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