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October 23, 2021

Who brings gifts at Christmas?

Every country has its own traditions of celebrating New Year's Eve and Christmas. But did you know that in Finland it is not our favorite Santa Claus who brings presents to children, but old man Joelupukki.

We will tell you how the main character of the Christmas holidays looks like in different parts of the world.

Santa Claus (Russia)
Santa Claus is depicted as an old man in a colored - blue, blue, red fur coat, with a long white beard. In his hands he holds a crystal staff with a bull's head, a symbol of fertility and happiness. He harnesses three snow-white horses into a painted sleigh. Often comes with his granddaughter, Snegurochka. Also Santa Claus is often accompanied by different forest animals.

Santa Claus (United States, Canada, Australia, Western Europe)
Probably the best known character to us is Santa. We all know him from American movies. He is a kind plump old man who lives at the North Pole, surrounded by elves and reindeer. On Christmas night, Santa harnesses his sleigh and flies around the world to give presents to obedient children. He enters the house through the chimney and places presents under the Christmas tree or in socks over the fireplace. He is dressed in a red short jacket and has a red cap on his head. The white bushy beard and glasses are the usual attributes of Santa Claus.

No matter what country you live in, everyone loves presents. And relatives and clients and even executives. If you want to please your customers before the holidays, make a presentation for them
Posted by      Ted Novack at 5:18 PM AEST


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