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January 6, 2009

Nfomedia on the iPhone Now Available

We're pleased to announce Nfomedia for the iPhone offering quick access to areas such as Grades, Blogs, Nfo Mail, and Message Boards (more areas to come). Just go to and iPhone will automaticallly detect mobile Nfomedia. You can expect support for other mobile devices very soon (e.g. Blackberry).
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October 28, 2008

Mobile Blogging Added to Personal Homepages

We've added mobile blogging to Personal Homepages which allows you to easily publish photos and/or text directly to your blog from your mobile phone. Simply go to Blog Settings at your personal blog to obtain your Mobile Upload E-mail then save this to your Address Book on your mobile phone. Now you can easily send camera phone pictures directly to your blog. You can also change your mobile e-mail address at anytime by clicking the reset button.
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May 10, 2007

Download 'TOON Images to Your Mobile Phone

We're pleased to announce that our friends at Coreytoons have launched a new website called CoreyToons Mobile offering original cartoon wallpaper personalities available for your mobile phone.

Most all of the Nfomedia's 'TOON images are available for download including Professor Einstein and Young Einstein as seen on the Nfomedia home page.  Be sure to visit Coreytoons Mobile and browse the selected artwork available from the talented artists at Coreytoons!
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