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August 27, 2009

Prosite Professor License

Today we're announcing the Prosite Professor License which includes up to 10 course sites for a single administrator for one year. The cost is $350, which might be attractive to those faculty teaching full-time including summer. You can purchase Prosite Professor License in the Nfomedia store:

If you have already purchased single site licenses for the Fall semester and want to purchase Prosite Professor for the year, please contact us to apply those payments toward the new license.
Posted by      Nfomedia Team at 12:11 PM CDT


  Carl Hernandez  says:
Homework becomes a skull-crushing activity akin to writing over and over on the chalk board a la Bart Simpson during the opening credits. This happened to my child. When I asked why he needed to do all that even though he clearly knows how to generate the answer the teachers replied that that's how the test questions are structured. pay for essays.
Posted on Thu, 30 Aug 2018 2:05 AM CDT by Carl Hernandez

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